Drug offenses can include the manufacture, trafficking, or possession of illicit controlled substances. Penalties for drug offenses can be severe, so if you or a family member has been arrested on drug charges, it's important to retain an experienced lawyer to protect your rights. Contact our law offices today.

Types of Drug Offenses

  • Drug Manufacturing - this felony is most commonly associated with cooking methamphetamine, turning cocaine into crack, or growing marijuana. Possession of drug manufacturing equipment or precursors to drugs can also have serious consequences.
  • Drug Trafficking - possessing quantities large enough for trafficking charges can result in decades in prison if convicted.
  • Drug Possession - without proper legal help even first time offenders need to worry about jail time for possession charges.
  • Possession with an Intent to Sell - a possession charge where the quantity is more than personal use, it is charged as a felony.

Drug Schedules

Drug charges from both state and federal authorities are based on "Schedules" which are groups of drugs, ranked according to potential for abuse versus possible benefits of use. The federal schedules are ranked I-V, with schedules I&II having high potential for abuse with little or no acceptable medical use. Massachusetts schedules are ranked A-E, but most of the drugs are on the same corresponding level.


Schedules I&II can include drugs like Heroin, LSD, PCP, Meth, and Cocaine. Federal penalties for a conviction of possession with intent to sell these drugs range between 5-40 years in prison for a first offense, in addition to up to $2 million in fines. Second offenses can range between 10 years in prison to life in prison, with $4 million in fines.

Quantities sufficient for drug trafficking charges can result in 10 years to life on the first offense, with $4 million in fines. The second offense on this level can result in 20 years to life, and $8 million. If death or serious injuries are involved in any of these charges, sentences can double, and a third conviction always results in life in prison.

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There are a wide variety of possible defenses to drug charges, depending on the circumstances involved and the strength of the evidence. Everyone has a right to a zealous defense when their freedom is on the line. Contact a Boston drug offenses attorney from our criminal law offices today.

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