Today's businesses are subject to myriad environmental regulations from various government agencies. It's possible to violate an environmental law without knowing it, though ignorance of wrongdoing is not a viable defense against prosecution. If you stand accused of an environmental offense, or are merely being questioned by investigators, contact our law offices.

Types of Investigations

Environmental prosecutions can often include investigations conducted by multiple state and federal agencies. The types of cases that are typically prosecuted will usually include instances of groundwater contamination, air pollution, or the improper disposal of hazardous waste.

Environmental Laws

In addition to any state laws which may have been violated, federal prosecution of environmental offenses are usually undertaken with the authority of the following federal statutes

  • The Clean Water Act - this is often combined with the Safe Water Drinking Act to punish businesses which are accused of polluting water supplies during industrial activities or processes. First time offenders who are convicted face a maximum fine of $25,000 per day of violation and a year in jail. If the violation knowingly places a person in danger of death or serious injury the fine can be up to $1 million, with a possible prison sentence of 15 years.
  • The Clean Air Act - this aims to cut down on emissions of various toxic and non-toxic gases into the air. The criminal penalties may be as high as $250,000 per day per violation, with up to five years in jail. P enalties for releases that place any other person in danger of death or serious injury can result in up to15 years in prison, while corporations may be fined up to $1 million per day
  • The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act - this gives the EPA the authority to control the generation, transportation, treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste.

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The EPA boasts that its environmental prosecutions result in a 90% conviction rate, resulting in huge fines and jail time. Ensure that you have the best possible legal defense to protect your business and your freedom. Contact a Massachusetts environmental offenses lawyer today.

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