The charge of False Statements involves intentionally misleading a government official. It is a serious charge which can result in years in prison. If you stand accused of making false statements, it is important to defend your rights by hiring an experienced attorney. Contact our law offices.

What are False Statements?

Prosecutable false statements can be made to any government official, but they are usually made to federal investigators. They include any falsification of a material fact, or the covering up or omission of a material fact to avoid its discovery. In order to qualify as a false statement the omission or falsification must be intentional and willful. False statements are related to perjury charges, though perjury involves lying while under oath.

False Statement Penalties

Under federal law, false statements are covered in 18 U.S.C. ยง 1001. It establishes that charges of false statements can involve any matter involving the functions of any of the three branches of the federal government. It criminalizes concealing or covering up a material fact, making false or fraudulent statements, or knowingly submitting a document which contains a false or fraudulent statement. Material facts mean that they are pertinent to the course of the investigation or issue in question, rather than an irrelevant matter

Federal penalties include fines and a possible prison sentence of up to 5 years. The maximum sentence increases to 8 years if the false statements are made in any case involving terrorism, whether domestic or international. In Massachusetts state courts there are varying penalties depending on who stands accused of making the false statements, and under what context. Penalties can range between 6 months and 2 years in prison.

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