Larceny offenses can involve an act as seemingly minor as picking someone's pocket, but the charges can end up resulting in serious punishments. Anytime you are faced with the prospect of going to prison you need to defend yourself with every resource at your disposal. Protect your legal rights by taking advantage of top legal representation. Contact our attorneys.

What is Larceny?

Larceny is defined as the taking and carrying away of property, with the intent of permanently depriving the rightful owner. Larceny must involve personal property, and it must be a tangible asset that is able to be taken away. For this reason the conversion of real estate can't be considered larceny. The commission of larceny also requires that the taking away of the property was intentional, and that there was no intention to pay for it or to return it.

The act of taking the property away from the rightful owner is complete as soon as it is physically out of the owner's control, and is not dependent on how far it is taken or for how long. Typical cases of larceny can include things like pickpocketing and purse snatching. However, larceny charges can also involve property of high value, such as larceny of a motor vehicle, which will increase the possible punishment.

Penalties for Larceny

In Massachusetts, larceny of property worth less than $250 is a misdemeanor, but is still punishable by up to 1 year in jail. Felony larceny involves property valued at over $250, and first time offenders can receive 5 years in prison with fines of up to $25,000. Sentencing guidelines allow for an imprisonment of 90 months if there is a serious criminal history involved. Larceny of a motor vehicle is punishable by up to 15 years in the state prison, up to 2 ½ years in a jail, and fines of up to $15,000.

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