25 Most Well Known News Websites

National News Websites

1. CNN


Americans flock to this site for their daily dose of news. CNN provides news categories, like world news, travel news, entertainment news, politics, and more.



MSNBC has a variety of news categories with drop down menus for easy location of top news stories.

3. CBS News


CBS News enhances its multitude of news reports with photographs and videos, for a visually pleasing news website.

4. ABC News


ABC News is respected for a user-friendly format, including videos and news stories in an interface with high usability.

5.  Fox News


Fox News is thought to have a right wing or conservative bias and reports national and international news, with an emphasis on US issues.

6.  Associated Press


The Associated Press provides news stories to other news outlets and offers a good index of news, but the website interface is not as intuitive as other major news websites.

International News Websites

7. http://www.BBC.co.uk

This British news site is one of the most well-known sources for international news globally. The website is offered in 23 languages.

8. http://www.GuardianNews.com

A popular British source for news, the Guardian is typically thought to have left-wing or liberal bias.

9. http://www.Reuters.com

Sticklers for avoiding bias, Reuters even refuses to use the word terrorist. This news source was founded in London but is now headquartered in New York.

10. http://www.GlobalPost.com

11. World News


World News provides international news in 49 languages for a highly accessible news source.

12. News.com


This Australian news website offers Australian national news and international news in a variety of categories.

Newspaper News Websites

13. The New York Times


With a history of liberal bias, the New York Times is a staple of American culture as a news source.

14.  The Washington Post


The Washington Post is popular in the United States for breaking news and international coverage.

15. USA Today


The USA Today website has news categories like science, weather, world, national, technology, travel, entertainment, and more.

Magazine News Websites

16. Time


For years, Time has been one of the top news magazines in the United States. The website is an extension of this great publication.

Online Portal News Websites

17.  Yahoo


Yahoo is one of the oldest online portal websites, and their news page is still extraordinarily popular.

18. Google


With huge popularity as an online portal, Google is offering news service that automatically tailors itself to your interests based upon search records.

Social News Websites

19. Digg


Digg is an all-inclusive social media news source that can be customized according to your interests.

20. Stumble Upon


Social media news site Stumble Upon offers news stories of interest to you based upon what you have looked at in the past and your interests.

21. Editions


Editions creates a news magazine format based upon your interests and past searches.

22. Reddit


This site has a very simple interface, but a large user population despite the primitive look to the website.

23. Plime


A stylishly designed format, Plime offers a wiki community with categories of news stories and forums for discussion.

24. NewsVine

Members can vote on articles and even write their own, but the articles are not listed according to the number of votes on this news site.

Links to More Specific News Websites

25. News Link


This site offers links to news sources in countries all over the world. It also provides links to news outlets for specific subject areas.