45 Great Criminal Justice Blogs

With hundreds of great criminal justice blogs to choose from on the internet, it can be hard to choose the right one.  Our 45 top picks are split up into categories that help you focus on your exact criminal justice interests.

General Criminal Justice Blogs

1.  Criminal Justice News


Taking a holistic approach to criminal justice events and advice, this blog is targeted at CJ students, lawyers and those already in the profession, but can provide interesting reading (and great advice) for the general public.

2.  The Crime Report


This is a comprehensive news service related to criminal justice issues across the board.

3.  Criminal Justice Degrees Guide Blog


Filled with interesting historical and current event stories and lists, this blog is a fun read for anyone interested in criminal justice.

4.  Crime and Consequences Blog


This Criminal Justice Legal Foundation blog addresses the entire criminal justice profession, with more emphasis on the law/courts issues and events.

5.  Pacific Crime Blog


Using legal cases and police actions from the West Coast, this blog addresses a variety of criminal justice issues.

Criminal Justice Policy

This collection of bloggers is generally concerned with policy reform or improving the criminal justice system.

6.  Over criminalized


Blog entries on Overcriminalized.com call into question the reach of government into the rights of Americans and other criminal justice reform issues.

7.  Pulse Criminal Justice


Pulse is a blog centered on the treatment of the mentally ill or unstable within the criminal justice system.

8.  Innocence Project


Birthed out of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University, the Innocence Project addresses issues relating to wrongful convictions.

9.  Criminal Profiling


True stories illustrate how criminal profiling affects police work and convictions.

10.  Sentencing Law and Policy


As the title indicates, this blog is concerned with the issues and policies surrounding the sentencing process and punishments for crimes in the US.

11.  Stand Down Texas Project


Musings related to criminal justice policy within the state of Texas, specifically the death penalty.

12.  The Real Cost of Prisons Weblog


This blog addresses prison reform, sentencing, and other related criminal justice topics.

13.  Fourth Amendment Blog


The Fourth Amendment blog focuses on search and seizure rights and responsibilities in the United States, citing current events and legal precedents that have already been set.

14.  Think Outside the Cage


TOTC is a blog by the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition that targets an ever-expanding prison system and the CJ policies that are necessitating it.

Criminal and Social Psychology Blogs

Blogs that get inside people’s heads for the purpose of more effective criminal justice practices.

15.  All About Forensic Psychology


Geared toward students, this blog not only addresses psychological issues relating to criminal justice, it also recommends books, apps, and more for Forensic Psychology students.

16.  Neuroethics and Law Blog


Adam Kolber, a professor at Brooklyn Law, blogs about ethical and legal issues relating to the brain.

17.  Social Psychology Arena


A great general source site for a wide variety of social psychology issues, this blog offers categorized articles in the disciplines of social psychology.

18.  The Situationist


A blog by the project on law and mind sciences at Harvard Law School addresses the foundations of law and criminal justice policy and their fallacies.

Civil Liberties Blogs

The following is a list of blogs in which bloggers muse on individual rights in the United States.

19.  Blog of Rights: Because Freedom Can’t Blog Itself


This is the official blog of the American Civil Liberties Union, bringing information, current events, policy issues, and citizen rights advice to light.

20.  Tales of a Public Defender Investigator


An award-winning criminal law blog focused on individual rights in the legal system, Tales of a Public Defender Investigator offers advice, notifications and criminal justice news.

21.  Public Defender Dude


California public defender champions the rights of individuals and comments on the legal system in the United States with a down-to-earth writing style.

22.  Sex Crime Defender


Maine criminal defense lawyer Stephen Smith addresses cases and policies relating to the rights of those accused of sex crimes.

23.  Lawrence Taylor’s DUI Blog


Lawrence Taylor, respected and highly experienced California DUI defense lawyer, blogs about the rights of individuals who have been charged with DWI/DUI and other legal issues.

24.  Evidence Prof Blog


Colin Miller, Assistant Law Professor at Marshall Law in Chicago, address individual rights in relationship to the legal system.

Blogs about Federal Criminal Justice Issues

National criminal justice policies, laws, and court cases affect all of the nation’s population.  These blogs call attention to the federal issues that shape life for the rest of us.

25.  American Constitution Society for Law and Policy


With a purpose of encouraging and shaping debate, the ACSLP blogs about current events and policies in national criminal justice.

26.  Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers: When the FBI Comes Calling…


The thoughts and reflections on federal criminal justice on this blog are from the perspective of lawyers who handle only federal criminal defense cases.

27.  Prevention Works


This blog by the National Crime Prevention Council informs US citizens in an attempt to prevent crimes in the nation.

American Police Blogs

These blogs based in the United States offer a taste of what it is like to walk the beat in an American city.  They range from personal journals by police officers to more official department blogs.

28.  The Philosophical Cop Police Blog


The Philosophical Cop is a blogger who primarily targets the current events and issues relating directly to police departments or involving controversial cop cases, but there are a few other thoughts and reflections thrown in as well.

29.  Cop in the Hood


Peter Moskos, author of the book In Defense of Flogging, comments on life as a police officer with smart and sarcastic overtones.

30.  Positive LEO


This lighthearted and uplifting blog celebrates the positives of police life and the law enforcement profession.

31.  LAPD Blog


The official blog of the Los Angeles police department announces department news, current events, and more about police work in one of the largest police departments in the United States.

32.  MotorCop:  If You Got Stopped…You Deserved It


The humorous reflections of a motorcycle police officer in California are the heart of this fun-to-read blog.

33.  Boston Police Department Virtual Community Blog


The BPD blog reflects life in the Boston PD, including recent occurrences, upcoming events, and past gatherings with interesting writing and photos.

34.  Mr. Policeman Blog


An in-your-face journal from a police officer in California doesn’t shy away from any subject on his mind.

35.  From Cop to Mom and the Words In Between


A retired female police officer reflects on life on the force, current events, and more.

36.  Guardian Leadership


The advice and experiences from a retired police chief (Rochester, NY) geared toward current police force managerial training and improvement.

American Law Blogs

Blogs by attorneys and paralegals in the United States reflect on the criminal justice system from a court-centric perspective.

37.  Law of Criminal Defense Blog


Little Rock criminal defense lawyer John Wesley Hall Jr. blogs about defense cases, policy and more.

38.  Underdog


Blogger Jon Katz is a criminal defense lawyer focusing on DWI/DUI cases with a quirky writing style that makes for an interesting read.

39.  Defending People


Mark Bennett is a criminal defense lawyer in Houston, Texas who blogs about criminal trial ins and outs, which he calls an art and a science.

40.  Supreme Court of the United States Blog


A blog centered on Supreme Court cases and sponsored by Bloomberg Law.

41.  Blonde Justice


An anonymous female public defender takes on an Elle Woods persona to address legal issues in a humorous way.

42.  International Criminal, Extradition and Immigration Defense News


Stories, news, and advice from an experienced Florida defense attorney in international issues fill this blog.

43.  Paralegals Blog


The thoughts, news, and current events in the legal system on this blog are written from the viewpoint of paralegals.

Criminal Justice Blogs from the UK

A look at the criminal justice profession from the other side of the pond both reflects life in America and shows up some differences.

44.  Blues and Twos Blog


This British police blog offers advice on helpful gear and other thoughts on current events from a police officer’s perspective.

45.  Police Inspector Blog


This witty and sometimes sarcastic blogger addresses current events, criminal justice bureaucracy, and more with a great deal of common sense and a dash of British humor.