50 Most Prolific Legal Bloggers

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Legal News Blogs

1. Law Blog (The Wall Street Journal)


Current legal events are tracked on this blog, offering multiple posts each day, in a news report format.

2.  The Official LawInfo Blog


This prolific blog posts several times a day on all the latest legal events.  Posts are categorized in a variety of legal issues.

3.  JD Journal


JD Journal keeps up with current events and trends in the legal profession and community.

4.  Legal News Blog


News blog entries on this site jump from one topic to another for a lively blog on current legal news.

5.  Legal Info 360


Legal news from across the nation makes the cut on this up-to-the-minute site.

Please Approach the Bench – Blogs by Lawyers

6.  The Nutmeg Lawyer


Adrian Mark Baron, a Connecticut lawyer and published writer, blogs about life as a lawyer with wit and humor.

7.  Simple Justice


New York criminal defense blogger Scott H. Greenfield keeps up a steady output of commentary on all things legal.

8. Man O’ Law


A prosecutor puts it all on the table with an irreverent take on the legal process.

9.  Underdog


Jon Katz, criminal defense lawyer, focuses his witty entries on DUI/DWI law and related issues.

Teacher! Teacher! – Law Professor Blogs

10.  The Work Place Prof Blog


This is a gathering place for law professors, with thoughts about working in law schools.

11.  PrawfsBlawg


PrawfsBlawg offers a frank look at the legal profession and law schools from the perspective of law professorship.

12.  Concurring Opinions


Concurring Opinions is a group blog with law professors and lawyers as contributors.

13.  Law Culture


Professors from Harvard, Princeton, and UCLA Law Schools weigh in on a range of legal issues.

14.  The Becker-Posner Blog


Law professors Gary Becker and Richard Posner comment on a range of issues in world news, the legal profession and more.

15.  Eugene Volokh


UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh writes a blog that is divided by category rather than date and has a wealth of entries.

Law and Order – Blogs on the Legal Process

16.  Crime and Consequences


The Criminal Justice Legal Foundation blogs on the entire legal process, from crime to sentencing.

17.  Supreme Court of the United States Blog


This blog sponsored by Bloomberg Law offers routine commentary on Supreme Court cases, decisions, and events.

18.  Sentencing Law and Policy


This law professor blog addresses sentencing policy and reform issues.

In Search of a Degree – Law School Blogs

19.  Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports


Leiter is prolific in his communication of thoughts on a variety of law school topics.

20.  Tillers on Evidence and Inference


Law School Student and his take on life in the pursuit of legal knowledge fills this blog.

21.  JD2B Blog


This blog from a social networking site for law students lots of entries on issues that are of interest to students in legal profession.

22.  Lawyerist


Blog entries focus on advice and news for law students in a fast-paced writing style that keeps you reading.

23.  Legal Careers


Appropriately named, Legal Careers blogs about the specific fields and positions to which law degrees can lead.

24.  Ms JD


Ms JD is an all girls site by a group of bloggers addressing law school issues for a community of female law students.

25.  Money Law


Multiple authors, led by Jim Chen (Dean of the Louis D Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville), keep up with law school issues on this blog.

Hmmm…Let Me Think About That – Legal Philosophy and Theory

26.  Legal Theory Blog


This blog offers thousands of posts in a wide range of categories relating to legal theory.

27.  Empirical Legal Studies


The numerous entries on the Empirical Legal Studies blog concentrate on legal methodology and theory.

28.  Legal Ethics Forum


Ethics in law is a hot topic right now.  The Legal Ethics Forum brings up topics for discussion, controversial news stories, and legal cases relating to ethics and law.

29.  Mirror of Justice


The Mirror of Justice blog is devoted to legal theory within the Catholic Church, a culture of its own, with the Vatican as the central legal hub.

30.  Overlawyered


Walter Olson is the editor of Overlawyered, which is distinguished as the oldest known law blog.  A wealth of information and prolific blogging keep this site going strong.

What Makes the System Tick – Legal Policy Blogs

31.  American Constitution Society for Law and Policy Blog


Criminal Justice policy and constitutional issues are the heart of this blog by the ACSLP.

32.  The Blog of Legal Times


This Washington D.C. blog comments on politics and law.

33.  Court-O-Rama


Court-o-rama covers all areas of the courtroom dynamic, including judges, juries, counsel, and more.

34.  Wage Law


Bloggers from Walsh and Walsh in California tackle issues in legal policy regarding wage law in this blog.

35.  Out-Law


International law firm Pinsent-Masons blogs about legal policy and current events.

Laughter is Good Medicine – Legal Humor Blogs

36.  The Namby Pamby


A Chicago Lawyer gives a humorous spin to her blogs about court life and other legal issues.

37.  Lowering the Bar: Legal Humor.  Seriously.


Kevin Underhill, San Francisco lawyer, highlights the humorous side of the legal profession and the cases in the news every day.

38.  Bitter Lawyer


Bitter Lawyer is an in-your-face, somewhat off-color comedic look at law and life.

39.  Legally Drawn


Attorney Vasanth Sarathy writes this cartoon-based, legal comedy blog.

40.  Constitutional Daily


Constitutional Daily offers a hilarious look at current events in law, the weird interactions lawyers have, and real life courtroom humor.

41.  LOLawyer: Because Law Doesn’t Have to Be Boring


LOLawyer is a legally-themed, humorous blog with real life stories and funny (or satiric) situations.

The Leftovers – General Legal Blogs

42.  Blawg.com


A huge number of blog articles fill the categories on this general legal blog site.

43.  The Conglomerate


All areas of the law are addressed in daily blogs on this legal site by multiple authors.

44.  Nancy Rapoport’s Blog


Nancy Rapoport is a professor at the William S. Boyd School of Law in Nevada. She blogs on a wide variety general interest legal issues.

45.  The Law Insider


The point of this blog is to make the legal implications of pop culture news stories clear to the masses.

46.  Hollywood Esq.


This entertaining and informative blog highlights the legal issues in Hollywood, especially in regards to the entertainment industry.

47.  Above the Law


Above the Law is a blog written by multiple authors on a wide variety of legal issues, filling it with interesting tidbits on just about any legal subject.

48.  The Michigan Lawyer


The writers of Michigan Lawyers Weekly join together to blog on legal issues in the state of Michigan.

49.  The Paper Chase


Legal and information are the number one goal of this general legal blog by The Jurist.

50.  Grits for Breakfast


Raved about in reviews and law forums, Grits for Breakfast provides fabulous prose-style comments on the Texas legal system with humor and wit.