9 Largest Drug Trafficking Busts

1. Hashish Stash Seized from the Taliban

The war in Afghanistan and Iraq has created a period of instability that has been exploited by a number of criminal groups.  The drug trafficking world is no exception.  Hidden in the Kandahar area within trenches and bunkers, almost $300 million worth of hashish was found in 2008.  That is about 260 tons of drugs removed from circulation.

2.  Coast Guard Cracks Down on Coke

Approximately 40,000 pounds of cocaine was seized by the Coast Guard on a ship in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Panama.  This drug bust has an estimated street value of around $500 million

3.  Cops Ecstatic over Drug Bust

Australian Federal Police busted an operation in Melbourne in 2008, taking around 4.4 million Ecstasy pills off the streets.  Estimated at $288 million street value, the removal of the drugs is a significant hit to the Australian club scene.

4.  Largest Drug Raid in Mexican History

In 2010, the Mexican police pulled in the biggest drug bust in the country’s history.  $400 million worth of marijuana was seized in a warehouse raid in Tijuana.  Some of the packages in the 105 tons of drugs were labeled with cartoons of Homer Simpson saying, “I’m gonna get high, Dude!”

5.  A Hit to the Colombian Drug Cartel

A 1984 raid of Pablo Escobar’s laboratory ‘Tranquilandia’ in Medellin gave officials 14 tons of cocaine, valued at more $1 billion.  Escobar, the cartel boss in Medellin is a legend in the Colombian drug production world.

6.  One of the Largest Drug Busts in History is Seeds?

Afghanistan produces over ninety percent of the world’s opium supply.  This country in turmoil was the scene of another huge drug bust in 2008 when 17.5 tons of poppy seeds were seized by officials.  The raw ingredients for the drugs would net around $1.8 billion.

7.  Riverside Coke Bust

Along the banks of the River Mira in Colombia, the Colombian police and the Navy found 13.8 tons of cocaine hidden, with a street value of $350 million.  The drugs were stashed by paramilitary groups funding conflicts around the world.

8.  Buried Treasure in Pizarro?

2007 brought the largest Colombian drug bust in that country’s history.  The Colombian Navy seized 27 tons of cocaine.  The stash was buried near Pizarro in 55 pound packages, 919 of them.

9.  Enormous LA Cocaine Bust Seizes Mexican Cartel Cache

In 1989, 21 tons of cocaine was obtained by drug officials in a Los Angeles warehouse raid.  It was allegedly the property of Rafael Munoz Talavera, head of the Juarez cartel, and had a street value of $6.9 billion.