Perjury is considered a serious crime, but perjury charges are more likely to be used as a threat than they are to actually be followed through on. Perjury prosecutions are rare, so if you are being charged the government is extremely motivated for a conviction. If you face a perjury trial, be sure to protect yourself by retaining expert legal counsel. Contact our law offices today.

What is Perjury?

Perjury can involve either lying under oath during testimony or signing a written legal document which contains false information. The testimony would typically be in a courtroom, but can also include any statements made while under oath in administrative hearings or depositions. Perjury pertaining to legal documents can include any written declaration, made under penalty of perjury, which contains false information. These can include affidavits, license applications, or tax returns, among others.

Perjury Charges

Perjury convictions for statements under oath require prosecutors to prove that the statement was false, that the false statement was relevant to the outcome of the proceedings, and that the accused made the false statement willfully. In cases of written perjury there must be a document which had a legal justification to call for a sworn statement, proof that the statement was false, and that it was intentionally false.

Perjury can be difficult to prove, especially if it is the word of one person against another, so additional witnesses or supporting evidence is required for conviction. Federal perjury laws call for a maximum of five years in prison, while state laws can vary. In Massachusetts, perjury in a capital trial can result in life in prison. In all other situations the sentence can be up to 20 years in prison or two and a half years in jail.

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If you face a perjury charge, you are serious peril of being incarcerated for a long period of time. To protect yourself you need an attorney with a proven track record of helping clients avoid doing time when facing either serious state or federal charges. Contact a Boston perjury attorney today.

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