Transporting stolen property across state lines is a serious federal crime, with long prison sentences if convicted. If you or a family member stands accused of transporting stolen property, you need to contact an attorney with expertise in fighting federal charges. Contact our attorneys today.

Transporting Stolen Property

Federal laws regarding the transportation of stolen property are found in 18 U.S.C. ยง 2314, which involves the transportation of stolen merchandise, money, and counterfeiting materials. It establishes a federal crime for intentionally taking stolen property worth over $5,000 across state lines, or out of the country. The law applies to both the person who actually transports the stolen property out of the state, and anyone who caused it to be transported.

Stolen property includes the proceeds of any theft or fraudulent activity. It also includes transports counterfeited monetary instruments such as currency, checks, tax stamps, and securities. It also includes any tools used in the counterfeiting of those same objects. However, the law has been ruled to not include counterfeit goods which only violated copyright laws.


The statute which criminalizes the transport of stolen goods makes it clear that there has to be a willful intent to transport the stolen goods. Among the things that the government must prove to secure a conviction are that the accused acted willfully and with knowledge that the property had been stolen. In addition, the government obviously must also prove that the property was in fact stolen, that its worth was above $5,000, that it was indeed transported across state lines. The penalty for a conviction can be as high as 10 years in a federal prison plus fines, in addition to any charges related to the origin of the stolen property which was being transported.

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